3 mm                        
     4 mm                        
     6 mm                        
     1/8" (3.18 mm)         
    "BOX BITS"                  
    PARALLEL BITS            
    SPECIAL SHAPES         
     3.18 * 105 ... 130      
     4.36 * 155 ... 185      
    GRINDING TIPS           
 Engraving bits? Premium Bits by GIS
Engraving bits / engraving tools / engraving cutters
Engraving bits are simple cutting tools that derive from a halfened or quartered and relieved cylinder. Unlike the "real" routing bits they do not have a spiral or a special chip flute.

In general routing bits can have a lot of variant shapes. Most common are the V-shaped and the parallel bits. However we also supply almost any shape upon the client's definition. Also we offer rods or semi-finished tools for your own grinding.
Engraving bit. Cross section halfened

Cross section halfened

Engraving bit. Cross section quarter round.

Cross section quarter round

Halfened or quarter round?
The classical bits are halfend. In the last years however a lot of users began demanding quarter rount bits. Why?

1.  Better chip removal due to the "more open" shape. Better cutting results as the chips cannot be pressed against the material by the back of the tool. This leads to better surfaces especially when cutting aluminium or acrylic.

2.  Rotation spees and feed rate can be raised by 20 - 30%, especially within plastic material.

3.  Less out-of-balance forces and thus less vibration caused by the tool as the excentric mass is reduced and the center of gravity moves closer to the axis of the tool.

1.  The tip of the tool becomes weaker and breaks more easily. This however should affect only  tools with small width  (b <= 0.20 mm) or tools used with machines with little rotation accuracy or little stiffness.



Coating engraving cutters?
Yes. The advantages of coating apply also for engraving bits. When it comes to regrinding the most important part of the tool, the halfening flat, stays unground, so that the coating remains there.

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