3 mm                        
     4 mm                        
     6 mm                        
     1/8" (3.18 mm)         
    "BOX BITS"                  
    PARALLEL BITS            
    SPECIAL SHAPES         
     3.18 * 105 ... 130      
     4.36 * 155 ... 185      
    GRINDING TIPS           
Engraving tools, engraving bits, engraving cutters
Engraving tools.

Also used for chamfering, counter sinking, tapered reaming or deburring. Also called "V-groove bits" in the circuit board industry or "channel milling tools" for die making...

GIS provides a wide variety of engraving tools. As we are manufacturers ourselves, we are able to provide standard cutters as well as custom-made tools made according to the client's specifications. No matter what quantity.
Our engraving bits are made from the finest Swiss and German tungsten carbide grades available.
In addition we offer a sharpening and a coating service for carbide engraving tools.
We offer engraving, engravers, engraving tools or engraving bits, engraving cutters. As well as v-groove bits, v-groove cutters, channel milling tools, router bits or routing bits. Also called carving bits, Gravograph cutters, parallel cutters, burnishers. For engraving steel, engraving stainless steel. Also for engraving aluminium, engraving aluminum, engraving acrylic, engraving brass. For the use in pcb industry, printed circuit boards