3 mm                        
     4 mm                        
     6 mm                        
     1/8" (3.18 mm)         
    "BOX BITS"                  
    PARALLEL BITS            
    SPECIAL SHAPES         
     3.18 * 105 ... 130      
     4.36 * 155 ... 185      
    GRINDING TIPS           
 Series GX92, tip angle 92.  Ready-to-use.
Router bit for bending sheets 
Solid tungsten carbide engraving cutter, halfened, V-shaped 92, ready-to-use ground with or without front width b. Halfening flat and cone shape (cutting edge) polished.

Special engraver used to slot material such as acrylic, alucobond / dibond to bend it after that operation. Typically used to form hoods, cases, boxes, facade elements or similar.
Technique: Sheet is to be slottet completely (or almost cmpletely) to the bottom, see sketch (1). After that the material can be easily bent (2). Perhaps you want to add some glue to fix the construction.

Our "box bits" are ground 92 tip angle, normally with additional width "b". Due to this the formation of a rectangular structure will be easier and there is some space for the glue. Of course we also offer the same tools at 90 tip angle if you do not wish to have a gap.

Caution: These bits are - like all single cutting edge tools - out of balance (except the both end split types).  If using bigger diameters make sure that your spindle is able to stand the out-of-balance forces. If not: For the same purpose we offer a symmetrical (balanced) router bit FV09 with diameter
20 mm an. See "ROUTING BITS".
  Bending procedure:
Procedure how to bend a slotted sheet of material
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