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 Router bits FV09

GIS Special Bits  

V-groove bits for bending sheets

V-Groove bit for bending (creasing), 2 straight flutes, Carbide.

Special bit for bending (creasing) sheets of material, especially Alucobond, Dibond, and others. Technique: The material has to be cut almost until the bottom, so that there is very little left. Then the material can be bended easily. Coating is not possible for this type

These router bits are especially recommended by ALCAN, the manufacturer of many sheet brands such as Alucobond, Dibond, Forex, Kappa,...
V groove bits for bending alucobond, dibond, forex,...

Hint: For the same purpose we offer our "box bits". Those can be used more universaly and we offer a wider variety of shanks and widths. Find them in "ENGRAVING BITS" section.
Code Ød1 L2 L1 Ød2 Remarks  Prices Euro, VAT excl.
mm mm mm mm 1-4 5+ 10+ 20+
FV09.01.090 20 10 60 8 90° for 90° corners 98,85 90,95 83,05 79,10
FV09.01.135 20 4.1 60 8 135° for 45° corners 98,85 90,95 83,05 79,10
        Ød2 = shank diameter
      L1 = total length
     L2 = cutting length
  Ød1 = cutting diameter
= Standard article. Always shipped within one week.  All prices are charged with German VAT(19%)  if the client resides within the EC and has no VAT-ID number.
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