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 Plotter blades ? Premium Blades from GIS 
Wedge angle ? Edge angle ? Relief angle ? Offset ?
Vertical to cutting direction plotter blade wedge angle
Cutting direction
  plotter blade edge angle
Cutting direction  
plotter blade relief angle
Cutting direction
  plotter blade offset  Offset
The tip's angle vertical to cutting direction. The tip's angle between front- and back edge of the blade. The angle between material surface and cutting edge. Distance between the axis of the blade and the position of the tip  (dragged blades only).
Range (ca.): 12 ... 40 Range (ca.): 30 ... 150 Range (ca.): 15 ... 70 Range (ca.): 0.15 ... 1.00 mm
  In most cases: a + b = 90°. In case blades are sharpened on both edges (tangential plotters only) the edge angle counts from edge to edge.  
How to select your blades ? Here are some useful hints:

1. The more a blade is "slim" (small wedge- and edge angles) the smaller the objects to be cut can be in general. But be aware that slim blades have shorter lifetime than "stocky" ones.

2. Blades with double edge (sharpened on both sides) have a little longer lifetime than those with single edge.

3. Small characters that have been cut with double edge blade are easier to weed than those cut with a single edge blade as at the corners the cuts overlap in a "cross" shape (tangential plotters only). This however may be not desirable if the objects are very fine or if you are working with reproduction films (e.g. ulano).

4. The behaviour of drag blade plotters is dependant on a large number of parameters such as offset, the angles at the tip, kind of vinyl etc. Also the blade holder - as it is without any controlled motion - has a big influence. The result may be that the performance and accuracy of a blade may vary from plotter to plotter and cannot be reproduced exactly. A blade that works perfect in case A may fail in case B. The only solution is often to try several tools to find out the best. Often results are significant better after the change of the blade holder. Make a trial with our high precision blade holder.

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